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See what our beloved customers have to say about their PentagonFit orders.

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See what our beloved customers have to say about their latest PentagonFit orders

  • Forget about buying an expensive smartwatch… this is the real deal!

    I’m impressed! After researching for an affordable alternative to the Apple Watch, I picked this up for just a fraction of the cost. It has a fantastic battery life, an always-on screen, a GPS tracker, sleep monitoring, heart rate, tracking app info, and it automatically syncs with my phone, too. The display is visible even under the sun which means I don’t have to do the hand-shade thing in order to see what’s on my screen. If you’re not sure about this yet, I suggest that you just give it a shot! I did and never regretted it.

    - Adam H (Premier Watch)
    verified Customer
  • Great watch for a fraction of the price

    Having this smartwatch is really cool! I admit that I wasn’t a big fan of smartwatches before, but this definitely changed my mind. It has a smooth strap which feels nice around my wrist. It has an elegant design and the display looks clean and bright all day. Another good thing about this watch is the battery life. I wore it for 7 days straight and it’s still running. Similar brands cost $400 and have 4 days of battery life tops. Charging time is pretty quick too. Just let it recharge for 2-3 hours and you’re good to go. Overall, I’m satisfied with my purchase and I’m planning to buy another one for my sister.

    - Nancy Y. (Premier Watch)
    verified Customer
  • Way more affordable than other ones

    If you are looking for a tracker that is way more affordable than other ones you've seen out there, but has all the same great features, I highly recommend checking out the PentagonFit Fitness Tracker.

    - Jennifer T (Fit Tracker)
    verified Customer
  • Ditched my old sleeves for this!

    I have tried a few brands before, but this pair stood out not only because of the fit but because of the superb customer service experience. I only have to contact them once about the wrong size and they sent out the correct size right away! You have to give this product a chance. You won’t regret it.

    - Ryan Q. (Knee Sleeves)
    verified Customer
  • Exceptional shades

    Super comfortable. It doesn’t slip off my head especially when I’m running. It’s lightweight and flexible which is great since I have sort of a large head. For its price, I think it’s one of the best sunglasses right now. I’m planning to buy one for my brother, too.

    - Andrew P. (Sunglasses)
    verified Customer
  • I love mine.

    "I have one. It track Beats per minute, blood pressure, how many steps you take, how many calories you burn, miles and tracks your sleep. I love mine."

    - Bonnie K. (Premier Watch)
    verified Customer
  • Thank you. Truly awesome concept.

    "Thank you PentagonFit Institute, mine works perfectly, easy to charge. It records my steps, blood pressure, sleep and heart rate. Truly awesome concept. Again thank you, Air Force Go Fitness!"

    - Lavenia Anderson (Premier Watch)
    verified Customer
  • Excellent Fitness Tracker!

    This is an awesome piece of hardware, and at a great price! I used to have a fitbit, but it broke almost immediately, and I didn't feel like spending a lot of money on a new one to have it break again. So, I started looking around and found this one. I was a bit skeptical when I saw the price, but to my surprise, it's been working fantastically! It also arrived really quickly, which is good, since I'm starting to train consistently again. Really happy with this purchase! :D

    - Patrick S (Fit Tracker)
    verified Customer
  • My Favorite Fitness Tracker

    This fitness tracker is wonderful! I've had a Fitbit in the past, but I like this one a lot more and its more cost effective too.. I particularly like how accurate the heart rate monitor is, along with the calories burned. This really helps me stay on track with my goals and keep my health on point! Highly recommended

    - Anonymous Customer (Fit Tracker)
    verified Customer
  • Great price, looks good on me!

    The design caught my attention since it has this retro-y style to it. Great matte finish and the lens polarization seems better than other brands.

    - Douglas M. (Sunglasses)
    verified Customer
  • Well worth the money

    "I bought one and expected a real cheap piece (like one I bought before), but this is actually well worth the money. Works great. Easy set up. The sleep tracker works well...blood pressure and pulse seems fine and accurate. Would recommend."

    - Randall A. (Premier Watch)
    verified Customer



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